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I made a lot of money doing that. I know Connie is connected. You never can tell what will happen. That's not an easy feat. I am speechless. You are the most boring person I know. My father works in a factory. I'll be in Boston by this time tomorrow.

Will that be hard for you? They didn't like him. The third power of 3 is 27. I wouldn't be that optimistic if I were you. There are animals here. Kaj isn't rich, but he's happy. It doesn't matter whether you do this, that, or the other thing. It's all irrelevant anyway.

Pilar wanted to wait for the next bus. I did not see the sign. I await your arrival. I want to party with you. Claude says he isn't going to answer any more questions right now. I have better things to do than stand here and take your insults.

I think it's interesting. "Do you mind opening the window?" "Not at all." I would rather die than submit. Copernicus studied mathematics and astronomy at the University of Krakow. Beatings foster prudence. Is that you, Vicki?

Do you know what to do? Have you ever scratched your back with a backscratcher made in Japan? I dared not go forward. I thought Cliff was a musician. It's pretty common. I work for three hours every Sunday morning. She did nothing but read all day. When we set out, it was raining, but when we arrived, the sun was shining. I want to give you my heart for ever. It's necessary to discuss the problem without delay.

I love trees. I ran into an old friend at Tokyo Station.

This is the prettiest sunset I have ever seen. We were careful not to do that. Tran's family is rich. Everyone was excited for Halloween. Enjoy the moment.

I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. That's Bill all over. We still have to tell her. Takao might be holding a grudge. This car was once the vehicle of choice for bank robbers. Lex's plan saved us a lot of money.

I'm just as sentimental as the next person. I just don't show it. We'll take care of you. Your talents far surpass my own.

Let's get an open ticket. Could you set a date soon so I can see the house? This steak is very juicy. When she heard the news, she leaped from her chair. You need not have come so early in the morning.

I believe you all know her.

Do you have any cash? Ralph said that he had nothing to hide.

I am not a bad person nor do I want to be one.

Why do you always have to get so personal when we have an argument? Matthias does all his work at night. Harv was conservative. His theory was absolutely unrealistic. This is quite contrary to what I want. When the family won the million dollar sweepstakes, they were in the fat city. A tall man with a sallow complexion walked into the room and sat down next to Tiefenthal. Many a student has failed in the test. Mars is a promising place where we may be able to live.

He knows how to fell a tree. I guess I'll find out next week. He feels uneasy. What's the retail price of eggs? He persuaded his firm to let him go back to his old job. Someone rang the doorbell. Irving wanted to know where Alexander was. A mother kissed the child.